It Has To Be Love - Part 1

The concentration of Emmanuel, and thoughts from him couldn't get out of my head. I used to dream but wouldn't remember what I saw or perceived in my dreams; but I remember every detail of him in my dreams

I am Helen, a student in the University who takes formal education seriously. Personally, I believe education is the key and all my thoughts were books, books and books.

I never took into account my feelings or emotions for sometimes, I feel it makes one weak. I've also read stories on love and knew how they always ended.

So, why would I want to repeat an episode that has already occured in the world several times?

I wanted to do something new no one had ever done. Like invent a "teleportation machine" that would send you instantly to someone when you miss him/her, or, invent a system to halt all human suffering. Weird right?

Talking about myself, I am sometimes weird and I always wanna explore something new. If I see anything laying there just like that, I come into the scene and find a use for it.

This attitude got me itchy as there was one guy in our class I found weird. Many call him "Romantic" as his nickname but he was the quiet type.

I couldn't get him out of my head in class. He's dark in complexion with this wild eyes. One day in class, I spent about 45 minutes thinking about him and not concentrating in class.

To be frank, I've told myself I'd never fall for any guy since I knew the end game. The more I resisted these thoughts, I couldn't concentrate.

I just didn't get. In my quest of exploration, I approached him for the first time and his response was something I didn't expect.

Before I could introduce myself....

To be continued in the next episode.