10 Simple But Useful Psychological Facts You Need To Know

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Psychology is the study of human behaviour by use of actions and his or her preferences. It is also a broad science that surrounds our daily characters and general behaviours as we try to do new things or old ones. Here are top ten psychological facts that may sound useful to me and you.

1.When you talk, you are repeating what you already know. But if you listen you may learn something new.

2.When people want to leave a discussion or conversation, they repeatedly move their feet back and forth, or start moving their legs around.

3.In a world that’s constantly evolving, if you stop working on yourself- you might think you’re standing still , but the world has started pushing you backward.

4.People who are spiritual and thankful for what they have are least likely to be depressed,so always count your blessings .

5.Unless you make peace with your past, you can never pave your future, so leave things that trouble you behind and focus on the future.

6.According to psychology, two effective ways to fight depression are exercising and spending time with pets.

7.To succeed in a task, enjoy the path also instead of focusing only on the destination of your goal,the task will then be less tiresome and you will truly enjoy it. Work shall be like play .

8.If you experience a nice or blissful dream, wake up and stay awake for sometime, it will boost up positivity in you.

9.If a nightmare wakes you up in the midnight, try sleeping at the very next moment, it will suppress negative effects immediately.

10.Rejection and humiliation are some of the greatest forms of pain a human being can endure. These feelings or emotions produce similar chemical effects as that of a physical injury. Thus, the human brain handles the pain of rejection and humiliation like it would with physical pain.

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