All the names of the powerful herbs in twi language.


Usually, information on the various assortment and businesses of therapeutic plants (Herbs) in Ghana is simply spread the word about through ethnobotanical concentrates by some individual trained professionals. Such assessments, but not many and segregated, have ordinarily based on the reasonability of flavors similarly as their prosperity assessment. In this manner, deficient composing exists on the helpful vocations of various flavors in the forest areas of Ghana. This audit hopes to list a framework of the most broadly perceived local plants used by characteristic experts in Ghana 

Coming up next are Herbs used for the Treatment and Management of Human Diseases by Some Communities in Ghana and Africa. 


1. African tuliptree - Kokonisuo 

2. Gold coast bombax - AkonkodeE 

3. Poison fallen holy messengers pepper - Kakapenpen 

4. Paullinia pinnata - Tuantini 

5. Alstonia boonei - Nyamedua 

6. Siam weed - Acheampong 

7. Morind lucida - Konkroma/ngo ne nkyene 

8. Poaceae - Abirekyire abodwese 

9. Deinbollia grandifolia - Asikoto 

10.Pycnanthus angolensis - OteE 

11.Pisonia aculeata - Akobowere 

12.Scent leaf - Nunum 

13.Justicia flava - Afema 

14.Jute mallow - Ayoyo 

15.Balm - Emee (emmanex flavors) 

16.Punarnava - Aposumpo 

17.Basil - Akoko level 

18.Indian-almond - Abrofo nkate 

19.Wireweed - Obrane atu ata 

20. Lantana Camara-Ananse dokono 

21.Nettle - Honhon/Bonhon 

22.Cloves - pEprE 

23.Mistletoe - Nkranpan 

24.Anise - Nkitinkiti 

25.Purslane - Adwera 

26.Wormweed - Ahahanhene 

27.Griffonia - Kagya 

28.Stinking weed - Nkodaankodaa brodeE 

29.Anthocleista nobilis - Owudifuokete 

30.Phyllanthaceae - Bowommaguwakyi 

31.Abelmosk - Okra/nkruma 

32.Yellow Oleander - nnye me nnyere me (don't take me and tie me ) 


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