Lasizwe Becomes A Joke On Twitter After Posting His High School Report

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YouTuber and social media sensation, Lasizwe Dambuza, because a laughing stock on Twitter after he posted his grade 11 report.

In the report, he failed more than 50% of his subjects and he failed the term. His results were horrible but the grade average was really low, which indicated that most learners were failing.

He found humor in his results this posting them on social media. He left this caption on his tweet, “I can explain the 16% I got for LO in grade 11…”

It is no secret that grade 11 is one of the most difficult grades in high school, but Lasizwe took failing to a whole new level. A lot of people laughed at him because of his Life Orientation mark. LO is usually the subject that most people pass.

Besides the fact that his report looks like a payslip, Lasizwe’s results made it really difficult for people to believe that he even went to school.

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