Oh No, Let's Pray For Pearl Modiadie

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Media personality Pearl Modiadie has left social media users with so much sadness after revealing that she has been fighting Covid-19. She has been off the radio and television, but seems to be active when it comes to her Mc'ing gigs. 

She is a mother of one, and has does upload pictures of her and her son on social media. She sometimes shares cute videos of her and her son too, specifically on Instagram. 

She previously announced that she and the father of her son were no longer together. However, the two of them seem to respect each other so much, and even spend time together with their son. It is not clearl if they are back together, or they are just co-parenting. 

She took to Instagram to say it has got them, we are assuming it is Covid-19 because she also mentions that they have been in isolation and that the worst is over. She doesn't specifically mention who else she is referring to. It could be her son, or the baby daddy. 

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