Dear Africans, if You Love Your Life Never Keep These Type Of Dogs, They Can Kill You


For a very long time, dogs have remain human's best companion. Their presence in our homes give us good company, and that's the more reason why people have chosen them to be our best friends. Their are many types of dogs, some of them are cool in nature and some are dangerous and very aggressive.

Many countries prohibit the the aggressive dogs because of how they violently attacks people and the deaths they cause, and nurtured worldwide by few licenced breeders.

These are the type of dogs you should never keep to avoid harming yourself

1. Rottweiler

This dog is cruel and despicable and cannot be kept in a family environment because they attack dangerously and can kill.

2. American Bulldogs

These dogs are very good at running and safeguarding the farm, but please don't use as as pet because they are powerful and very aggressive dogs.

3. Siberian Husky

These dogs are never going to be friendly with human and they always need to be educated for special tasks. They're very dangerous and aggressive dogs which has led to death of many people.

4. Pit Bull Terrier

This dog is small, but very lethal. The dog is strong and has no fear whatsoever. It is forbidden in many countries due to deaths which it has caused.

5. Doberman pinscher

This dog is used primarily for security and military purposes unless it is highly trained. It's a very lethal dog, but very quiet in nation.

Please never turn deaf ear to this advice, these dog breads are extremely dangerous and can kill you and your loved ones.... If you find this post helpful, share with your loved ones