Meet The Company That Prints Ghana's Money.


De La Rue, a security printing firm based in the United Kingdom, is now the company that prints the Ghana Cedis. They are in charge of printing passports and other identification documents. They are in charge of printing our money, and their fees are not cheap. They're not cheap.

I go to the market to buy food and pay for it. That's right. You pay money to get an education, and that is all there is to it. Since the barter trade age, it has been customary to pay money in exchange for anything.

How do you feel about paying money in order to receive money? You paid one dollar to get a single 10cedi note printed? What are your thoughts? Are you a moron?

Isn't it incredible how shameful we are as a country? We're so pitiful that we let white people tell us how dumb we are all the time.

That is just what our leaders have been doing since the country gained independence. We take dollars and pounds, fly chartered planes to London, print currencies, pay massive sums to the business, pay tax to the UK government on the currency we printed, and then return.

If Ghana wants to print 200 million Ghana cedi notes, we have to pay a lot of money in pounds. I'm looking for common sense to help me understand this.

Printing our currencies, according to Emmanuel Aseidu-Mante, a former Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana, has been one of the bank's biggest challenges. The printing is performed by specialist security companies, and Ghana's currency is printed at the Bank of Ghana in the United Kingdom.