Sandra Dacha's Advice to Men on the Kind of Ladies to Date


On a social media post by Sandra Dacha of the well known comedy series auntie boss , she went on advising men on the kind of ladies to date. The kind of ladies she talked about are the ones that like money . Most of her fans who are ladies went on supporting her. However their male counterparts were a bit curious to know why it should be so.

The post by Sandra Dacha on Facebook read , " I don't know who needs to hear this but don't marry / date a woman who doesn't like money ."

Some of the comments on the post read ;

" kwani nadate bank." Which is translated to , "Am I dating a bank?."

"Hahaha... God made man , man made money , money made woman mad."

"And you die poor."

"Volume piriis ."

"Women who didn't like money died a long time ago , may God forbid."

"Kujia speaker extra."