2 Things To Know After Governor Wike Disobeyed Buhari's Government By Signing The VAT Bill

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The governor of "Rivers" State (Nyesom Wike) is considered as one of the strong PDP politicians in Nigeria. However, a lot of people within the country like Wike because of his boldness.

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Recently, Governor Nyesom Wike signed the VAT (Value Added Tax) bill into law together with 4 other laws (Including the ban on open grazing). Wike signed the bills around 11am on thursday and a lot of people praised him for signing these bills in "Rivers" State.

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Nevertheless, here are 2 things to know after governor Nyesom Wike disobeyed Buhari's government by signing the VAT bill into law.

People Should Know That The VAT Law Signed By Wike Will Allow Rivers State to Collect VAT Without Remitting It To The Federal Government.

The state government in Rivers will be responsible for collecting VAT according to the new VAT bill signed by Wike.

Also, the state government is not allowed to give the VAT that they collected to the federal government led by President Buhari.

People Should Know That The VAT Law Signed By Wike Is Against Federal Government's Decision.

Another thing people should know is that the VAT Law signed by Wike was not supported by the federal government of Nigeria.

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Wike signed the VAT bill with his power as the governor of Rivers State.

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