Sad News to Parents and Private School Owners as CBC Implementation Takes Place


For the past decades, Kenyan has been operating on 844 system of education. In the system, learners could spend 8 years in primary school, 4 years in Secondary School and 4 years at the University level hence the name 844.

The system has however faced lots of criticism from scholars, some stakeholders and some employment agencies most of whom who claimed that the system produced half baked products who were not ready and fit to handle job sectors.

Other critics of 844 argued that the system was exam oriented. This means most of the education bodies toiled at producing best grades for their learners, something which resulted to exam malpractices and cheating in a bid to get good grades.

The quest for quality and good grades in the final examination led to emergency of many private schools and academies.

In the private schools, quality grades are highly valued since they lead to more intake of students something which results in more revenue for the school.

So for a private school to flourish, good performance is key, and this may result to drilling of students so as to gain the expected good results.

With the good performance, convenience of transport offered at some private schools and cheap accessibility, most parents result to taking their kids in these private schools.

However, the new Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) is in implementation where the pioneer class is in grade five which is the current class five.

The government through the CS of the ministry of education, Prof Magoha promised Kenyans that CBC will run and the government is ready to see it's full Implementation to the last phase.

Photo: Prof. Magoha

With this system, primary education ends at grade six and at such by December of 2022, this class will be at junior secondary.

The most interesting bit with CBC is that it does not put any emphasis of performance or grades. Actually there is no failing of passing an exam with CBC. When an assessment is done, there is no listing students as per merit starting with the top performer to the last.

With CBC, learners are evaluated to either meet expectation (ME), approach expectation (AE), Below Expectation (BE) or exceed expectation (EE).

This means a parent who takes kids to a private school expecting to see or hear quality grades will not see them. Similarly, there will not be a national exam to rank private schools Highly than the public schools.

Considering the aspect of fees payment, private schools are relatively higher than public schools.

With these considerations, most parents will opt to educate their kids at public schools thus leading to slow death of private schools, something which will be a big blow to working class parents who find it convenient to drop and pick their kids from the private schools after work.


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