16 055 Cases Recorded In South Africa

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Only a week after reporting and recording the new variant, South Africa has recorded an alarming 16 055 new coronavirus cases and 25 deaths.

The NICD has confirmed these cases as well as the deaths. On The 2nd of December South Africa had recorded about 6 000 less cases.

The high number of cases is alarming as there is a chance that most of the cases might be caused by the new variant. However not much information is known on the variant .

The minister of health new stage or pastor had confirmed earlier today that South Africa had officially entered its fourth wave of coronavirus.

This is despite the forecast that was made that South Africa would only enter the fourth wave in mid-december.

But it turns out that the new variants of coronavirus might have speed up the process of achieving cases leading to the fourth wave.

Source : https://www.enca.com/news/covid-19-sa-16055-new-infections-25-deaths-recorded

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