Why Banning Importation Of Sputnik V Vaccine Is Unfair

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The outbreak of the Corona virus early last year changed everything in the world and things have never been the same again. Sufferings brought about by the pandemic necessitated efforts in all part of the world to find a vaccine in order to deal with the virus.

Various vaccines have been discovered such as the Astra zeneca vaccine,Sputnik V and the Johnson and Johnsons vaccine.Kenya was not left out in acquiring the vaccines and the first vaccine into Kenya was the 1.02 million doses of the Astra zeneca vaccine that was manufactured in India.The President and other senior govt officials were among the first to receive the vaccine.

Seeing the doses of Astra zeneca would not be enough for all citizens,private enterprises were allowed to import the Sputnik vaccine as the CS for health Mutahi Kagwe confirmed it was approved by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board.

DP Ruto was among the first people to take the Sputnik jab raising concerns that I'm sorta ion of the same was associated to him.This made the same government that had allowed importation of Sputnik vaccine suspend importation of vaccines by private entities.

There were even allegations that people in government were importing Johnson and Johnsons vaccine and to monopolise the market they needed suspend Sputnik V Vaccines.

However there is some relief for those who had taken the first dose of the Sputnik V vaccine as they will be allowed to take the second dose.

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