Instant Death in Akyem Oda: Motor Rider dies after a terrible accident occurred.

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The police are doing their very best within their capacity to curb the continuos happening of road accidents in Ghana. There are a lot of serious road accidents which happened in Ghana and others are still happening. We have bern hit by the sad news from Akyem Oda this evening. The sad news captures the instant death of a motor rider.

According to one of the eyewitness, the motor rider was heading towards his direction when unseen vehicle from the other side crashed him down. It was reported from Akyem Oda that, the Motor Rider dies instantly on the spot of the incident. The painful aspect of the incidence which lead to the immediate demise of the Motor Rider is that, he is without helmet.

Let be very careful whenever we are ridding on the road. Let try our possible best to comply with all road safety protocols and measures.

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