"Ndege Imepanda Gari" Kenyans React After Seeing A Truck Carrying A Heavy Aeroplane In Turkana.

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We have seen wonders yes but some of them become so ironical and sarcastic in nature. We all know that God created the earth specifically human beings for a reason and a purpose. As the world is vast moving, people are implementing technology and advanced priorities. Look at heavy machines that are now making work easier.

We all know there are machines on earth like an aeroplane that flies on air and ships that run on water bodies. An aeroplane is known to be heavy but can fly comfortably on air.

Today on Wednesday 1st of December, Kenyans on social media (Facebook) were left in numerous reactions wagging after a photo of truck carrying a plane wreck emerged.

According to reports privy to the photo, the truck is reported to have been spotted at Lokichoggio Town in Turkana County which also captured Turkana residents attention. Not only the Turkana residents but now entirely Kenyans are left in tongues because it is one of the first trending news that we have seen.

The photo illicited reactions of different kinds from Kenyans having a number of Kenyans raising different opinions over the photo. Below are few of the comments in screenshots;

@ JB Kapilo-  "Huyu ni Deep state wa Turkana!😂 People have money out here while we as common 'Wanjiku' are suffering like nobody's business".

In due course, it is seen an ironical sense of humour because it has been seen for the first time. Looking at issues from a different perspective, Kenyans have really reacted and this is trending so far everywhere.

What is your view according to the same news? To my opinion, I think people are very rich outside while other common citizens are suffering.

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