Love Nwantinti: Meet Ifedioku's Love Nwantinti: Meet Ifedioku's Boyfriend (PHOTOS).


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See pictures of Ifedioku's boyfriend.

So many people has not really wondered why Ifedioku is this popular the way she is now,and why she has been spotted in sports wear most of the times,as well as in a football stadium.

For me I would say Ifedioku's fame is as a result of who her boyfriend is, Ifedioku happens to be dating Chukweze ,she must be really lucky I must confess, and I don't think there is any need to be hiding such reputable man.

Chukweze is an all time footballer,he is good at what he does in his field and with his legs.

He is well known for his skills so far during football matches .

See photos she shared on her Instagram as she wrote the baby .

As people also congratulated her for having such a reputable boyfriend.

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