Check Out Why M4 And M16 Users Hit The Left Side Of The Rifle After Inserting A Magazine

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A magazine is a container that holds ammunition for a firearm. It can either be an internal/fixed magazine (integral within the gun) or a detachable magazine (externally attached). Magazines are in many shapes and sizes.

The most common type in modern guns is the detachable box type.

Magazines hold 3 to 100 rounds of ammunition depending on the size of the rounds and the magazine. 

In this article, I'll be talking about why M4 and M16 users hit the left side of the gun after inserting a magazine.

There is a small button on the left side of an M4 and M16 that is called a bolt catch. When the last round is fired from the magazine, the bolt will lock to the rear.

After inserting a full magazine, the user hits the bolt to allow the bolt to shift forward and load the first round from the magazine into the chamber.

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