Check Out The Four Facts About N'golo Kante That You Didn't Know About


N'golo Kante's personality makes him the most loved player in the football world. He is one of the few football stars who rival or Chelsea fans find it difficult to hate him. Below are the four facts you probably didn't know about the France international;

1. He lives in a low-profile lifestyle. His hairdresser, from his time at Leicester City, Naji Nagy, is still the one cutting his hair at Chelsea. Kante pays for him to travel down to London 130 miles away as he still wants to keep his relationship with his hairdresser as they both had their humble beginning.

2. He has never had a flashy car nor wore expensive wares. At the beginning of his professional career with the Blues, he commuted to training by kick scooter before purchasing a mini cooper at the 2017/18 season.

3. The versatile midfielder is an extremely humble man and does not like to impose himself on people. During their FIFA World Cup celebration following their victory over Croatia, his teammates had to stand aside and allow him to lift the trophy as he was too shy to lift the trophy.

4. He was nicknamed "The Rat" by Eden Hazard, his teammate at Chelsea. The Belgian believed that his show of prowess on the field was with his speed and the ability to sneak the ball from opponents.

As a football fan, what do you like most about N'golo Kante as a person?

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