Good News After It's Revealed that Covid19 Vaccine Doesn't Cause Blood Clot As It Had Been Speculated


Astra-Zeneca vaccine or as many would like to call it Covid-19 Vaccine has been cleared from all over of the speculations after several countries stopped using it after several patients who had received the jab reportedly started developing ubnormal blood clots in their bodies.

Photo:courtesy (Governor Alfred Mutua Getting the Jab)

This is after a couple of scientists from the world health organization revealed that the vaccine had no relation with the blood clots which had been experienced by some patients who allegedly developed this blood clots.

Reports received from the lab tests conducted by professionals government scientists has revealed that the previous blood clots experienced by patients who received Astra-Zeneca jab had nothing to do with the vaccine adding they they were related to some other underlying health conditions.

This is happening at the same time when the government of Kenya has urged all Kenyans to make sure they follow all the Covid-19 precautions set by the ministry of health and at the same time consider taking Covid-19 jab.

According to president Uhuru Kenyatta, he stated in his last statement that Kenyans needed to make sure they work hand in hand with the government in order to try and reduce the number of Covid-19 infections,he however added that no Kenyan would be forced to take the jab as it was voluntary.

This revelation has sparked alot of mixed reactions from Kenyans who seemed to have different opinions and suggestions on the matter. With a section of Kenyans claiming that this was indeed goodnews, others went ahead claimed that maybe it was a set up adding that they were not going to get the jab until their top politicians took the vaccine.