Bishop JJ Gitahi Urges Kikuyu Men not to Kneel Down While Requesting Ladies to Marry Them

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Men get to give their best when it comes to proposals and one of the traditions that has been adopted is having men kneel while asking for their fiance's hand in marriage.

Bishop JJ Gitahi recently came out to condemn the whole act of kneeling while asking for a lady's hand in marriage. He went ahead to urge Kikuyu men to avoid doing so since it's not part of the African traditions.

Bishop JJ Gitahi also urged the Kikuyu men to just go straight to the point while requesting ladies to marry them and avoid the 'nonsense' of kneeling while doing so.

The remarks have been taken differently by members of the public with the video going viral. Some agreed with the Bishop while others were of the thought that the man should be left alone to be creative on how they go about doing the proposal. The remarks were made during the church service. The video in question is available for watching on Bishop JJ's YouTube channel having garnered 17k views so far. What's your take on the same? Photos: courtesy.

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