Before you step out, consider this lesson


Life comes with it's ups and downs, nobody should consider him or herself better than the other. The best way we can all make it is through determination and prayer coupled with the availability of opportunities. Look carefully at this picture below...

These people are not less important than you out there, it's just the unavailability of opportunities to better themselves that they find themselves in this situation of poverty.

Though wealth is not an exclusive right of anybody and that disability is not an excuse for not being wealthy, keep it in mind that you being wealthy is a privilege.

Most people forget their origin and forget how to be humble immediately they step on the road of wealth. This behaviour is a fatal poison which destroys wealth from the root.

Tolerance and humility are keys to staying on top of you are already. Therefore keep it in mind that everyone has the capability to be on top but they aren't because of the lack of opportunities.

If you are on top, the keep thanking God that He made it possible.