Couples Please Avoid These Errors Whenever You Have Misunderstanding

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No relationship is perfect, even happy couples also argue. But research shows couples who face their issues and shortcomings in a relationship have more chances to stay together.

 But couples who are scared to face their issues away face the same issues and misunderstandings in their relationship because they are just scared to correct them or choose their battles to improve their relationship lifestyle 

There are some mistakes couples make that can destroy their relationship if not taken care of. 

Here Are 5 Mistakes Couples Should Stop Doing When Having A Fight In Their Relationship.

Using Gestures That Dismiss Your Partner. 

No matter the misunderstanding or issues you face with your partner, never dismiss them when they try to talk to you or resolve things. Exhibiting defensive body language such as moving out, turning away from your partner, or snubbing them will only make the fight get worse. Other signs like rolling your eyes, and sneering is never good to resolve issues after a fight or misunderstanding with your partner. 

Instead of acting in such negative ways, try to face your partner. You can sit down and make good eye contact with them, never show a sign of threat. You can hold your partner's hands; such a thing will make him or her cool off. Hug your partner when they are upset or crying can make them cool off, and it shows you care, but only when they allow you to touch them, that is the first step. 

Fighting About More Than One Issue At A Time. 

You should focus when arguing with your partner, don't jump from one issue to another, and stick to the issues that cause the misunderstanding. It is natural to want to bring up old fights or past mistakes, but such things will only kill your relationship. 

Learn to tackle the issues on the ground that lead to misunderstanding, don't tackle different issues at once, it is not healthy for a relationship. Focus on the topic at hand and resist the temptation to argue about other things. 

Giving Your Partner The Silent Treatment. 

Many people do this in a relationship, and it is not good. Treating your partner with silent treatment will only hurt your relationship more. Ignoring your partner as if they don't exist or stopping communicating with them because you are angry or want to punish your partner is not a good idea for building a healthy relationship. 

You should tell your partner to give you time to cool off, you are angry at the moment, then go mute them without notice. Never give your partner a silent treatment when angry or upset instead. Tell them how you feel in the relationship. 

Fighting In The Wrong Places. 

Why will couples fight in public places such as the workplace, parents' home, church, or market or engage in a fight on chats, or calls when you can meet physically and talk about things positively? 

We all understand no relationship is perfect, and at times a disagreement might begin in the wrong place. In such cases, learn to keep mute till you meet face-to-face at home and talk things out. 

 Using Harsh Words. 

Never use harsh words on your partner, even when you guys have some misunderstanding. Some harsh words are so hurtful and might take your partner years to forgive and forget. In such cases, your relationship will never be as it used to be. 

Never use harsh words on your partner, learn to control your anger and what you say when you are angry or upset. 

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