Two Main Reasons Why You Should Never Buy a Second Hand Phone


If it's not an ex-UK, refurbished and with no receipt, please don't buy it. I'm talking about second hand phones. In this article I'll let you know why.

The Source of the Phone

Second hand phones are popular for coming from some of the most mysterious sources ever. Some are from murdered individuals and some stolen from very prominent and rich people. This basically means the probability of the phone being followed up is very high. And imagine being found with a phone belonging to a murdered person. You'll obviously be the first and prime suspect. What about being found with a phone belonging to a very rich man? You'll definitely be in for it.

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Why the sale?

Why would someone sell you a second hand phone in the first place? This is one of the first questions you should be asking yourself. And the answers are ; the phone is either faulty or has some strange source. Additionally, the price at which the phones are being sold, should also speak alot about the phone.

Those are some of the two most important reasons why you should try to avoid buying second hand phones. Unless there is a receipt for the phone or you are purchasing it from a very trusted friend never buy a second hand phone from the streets or just from anyone.