Many lessons to LEARN from Lots' wife as a Christian.

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The story of Lots' wife is a very sad but interesting story. God uses that story as a moral to believers today never to be carried away by the things of the world, forgetting about your creator to serve idol. Idol doesn't mean that you must have a craven image which you go to and bow down every time. Anything can be your idol, idol are those things that you cherish more than God or more than your salvation (examples it can be a human being, cloth, jewelry, shoe, an animal) and so on.

The story of Lots' wife begins when the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by God was about to start, God wanted to destroy them because their sin was so great before him. When he revealed it to Abraham, Abraham begged for forgiveness on behalf of them but God told him if he see five(5) people who are living upright he can forgive them but there was none. So for the sake of Abraham he sent an angel to bring Lot and his family out, because they were the only people worth saving. When the Angel got there lot was lingering so the Angel held the hand of Lots', Lots' wife, two daughters and hastily brought them out of their house, and sent them going on a hill. He told them vividly not to go to the plains or hill but to run to the mountains and that none of them should look back. So they hurried on, but Lots' wife out of curiosity and longing for all she had at sodom, looked back and instantaneously, she became a pillar of salt.

You can read Genesis 19:17-26

Luke 17:28-32

The most surprising of all is that the pillar of salt which Lots' wife turned into is still there till today. The story of Lots' wife has been passed from generation to generations and will still be there in another generation to come.

Many scholars, pilgrimage and a lot of people have attested to the fact that it is actually the Lots' wife known in the Bible.

Lots' wife's story will continue to be a great lessons to christians till the coming of Christ. She disobeyed a simple instruction from God and was instantly struck without even a second chance.

We don't know when the wrath of God will come, we shouldn't be playing hypocrisy with God, because God wrath can come instantaneously leaving you without a second chance. We shouldn't take the mercies of God for granted.

May God help us to live for him everyday, Everytime and anywhere in Jesus Name.

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