Revealed:How Pique Was Caught Cheating On Shakira Secretly

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La liga really made a change in this year's UCL season with Real Madrid's victory over the top three EPL clubs we have now. Focusing on Laliga, a living legend who is currently topping the news feed over his allegedly cheating stories.

We all know Pique isn't just lucky to play alongside top players like Messi, Xavi, or Iniesta, but also won the heart of one of the most beautiful singers ever, Shakira, who's the 'Waka Waka' hit maker.

After almost a decade together, Shakira and Pique have three kids now, but they're still unmarried. A new paper called El Periodico published an article talking about how Shakira was caught allegedly cheating on her.

According to El Periodico, Shakira caught Gerrad Pique cheating on her with Gavi's mother. "The woman who could have put Piqué and Shakira on the brink of breaking up is a young blonde in her 20s." She is studying and working as an event hostess, "says El Periodico.

Due to that incident, it's believed that Shakira and Pique are no more a pair because they're not living together like they used to.

It's really jaw-dropping to learn that the living legend, Pique, allegedly cheated on his longtime partner, Shakira, with his teammate's mother.

Though this is quite disgraceful to both Pique, Shakira, Gavi, and his mother, none of them have told the general public about these allegations.

As of now, most people aren't really sure if these allegations are true because according to El Periodico, Gavi's mother is young but according to a rare picture of her found on social media,she looks grown and it's even believed that Pique left home because of some personal reasons which aren't known.

Gavi is currently trying to help Spain have a better World Cup camp together with his teammate, Pique.

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