Just In: Deadly Road Accident Involving Two Saloon Cars Along The Nyari By Pass (Photos)

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The scene of the nasty road accident today (Photo Courtesy: Twitter)

Busy highways have always been marred by nasty and tragic road accidents because of how the drivers are giving the freedom to drive with the highest speed limits.

Two saloon cars, a blue subaru and silver axio got involved in a very nasty road accident along the Nyari bypass.

According to Ma3 Route news podcast, the two vehicles are claimed to have been driven at a very high speed as they followed each, but the first driver engaged in braking which got the blue subaru ram into it and toss it over the guardrails.

The occupants did not get severe injuries, but they will have to spend a lot in repairing their vehicles.

"17:25 Freak accident on the Nyari bypass https://t.co/VlMSkSXeL8 via @LakiniYouGuys." The reports stated.

Take a look at some photos from the freaky road accident along the Nyeri bypass:

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