Here is what you need to understand about ancestors so that would not call your ancestors by demon

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Here's what you need to do to get rid of your ancestors so you don't have to deal with demons ,ancestors is the late people from your family tree .

A family tree is starting from your great grandparents some you don't know some you know but are the members of the family.

So that people are your ancestors so because are no longer be alive you don't have to ca them by demon but it's your ancestors even if you're a Christian are your ANCESTORS.

as they are no longer alive they are the ancestors they protect you when you are in danger, if they report to you it means they are not cement but for family members the difference is that they are dead and when you pass away you will meet them and be one with them.

you can know that they used to be family members now they are angels because if they were demons then god did not say he promised Abraham that he would bless him and he would be a demon when he died

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