Waow, what a heartbreaking poem about this pandemic, just have a glance


On December 31st he arrived, winnowing the whites like chaff.

When Africans are lighting their lantern to see the hidden, 

As it was officially declared by the fetish priest, the unknown visitor has arrived, 

Fasting was cast to support sanitiser to fight against the guest but to no avail.


Veronica buckets were policed at the police station and impregnated by oceans, but none couldn't work.

Aaaa, Mother nature, all our Arsenal's have been exhausted. A thousand eyes are searching for an antidote, the culprit must go.

He is trekking out, which we hope for the best.

The measures are in decent shape to deal with the culprit. 

Oh, mother, Ghana rescue man against hunger. 

Anger, hunger, famine and other unfamiliar circumstances were close to humanity,

Recruitment is starved, payments are in jeopardy, a hunger that gave to galamsey is in war.

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