How COVID-19 Affects Employees


Companies were forced to move their work to online due to the COVID-19 outbreak. There are also a number of companies that closed doors and thousands of employees who lost their jobs. This will be remembered as the sad truth about the year 2020. There are endless opportunities for those who own computers and have access to good internet connection but many are not aware of this. Countless companies are now hiring individuals who have ventured into online world in search for their next career. If you're still stuck at home due to the pandemic you can start now to work on a remote jobs from the comfort of your home. We live in the best time where companies allow employees to work from home using tools like computer and good internet connection. Below are examples of companies that may inspire you to go online. 

English tutoring

Vipkid Qkids and Magic Ears recruits English native speakers to teach English language online. They are based in China. If you are a teacher of English or you possess skills in teaching or still in college and pursuing the same course you can register to offer your services and expect payment and returned.

Content editing

If you possess expertise in quality analysis and you are able to check errors in a content Reedsy is always looking for talented persons for editing written works online. Grab the opportunity and watch your growth with Reedsy. This is just an example there are many companies offering the same. Research for more.

Virtual assistant

A well-organized and a motivated individual can find himself or herself a best online job ever working as an assistant. Through Boldly or Belay, you can start doing anything pretty like scheduling meetings and conferences to social media websites and the entrepreneurs or your area of expertise and watch your growth.

Professional services

If you are content writer, website developer, online marketer, web designer among other online jobs, have a look at FreeUp, SkipthedDrive, Remote and Working Not Working for better job opportunity that can fit you.


If a job could be done online through a computer never shy of. Ask your employer if it can be possible for you to do it away from office which can make you work comfortably at you are comfort home instead.