Tragic: 3 Policemen Reportedly Killed And Vehicle Burnt After Gunmen Allegedly Attacked Them In Neni

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According to recent reports by Igbere TV, some unknown gunmen have allegedly attacked and killed at least 3 policemen. It was reported that the tragic incident took place at Okacha, Neni in Anambra state.

According to details shared by Facebook users, the policemen were attacked and killed at a checkpoint around 4 pm on Thursday, March 18th.

Photos shared by Facebook user Ebytex Impression show a white police vehicle engulfed in flames.

The identity of the policemen who were killed and details of what led to the clash are yet to be provided. However, the photos shared on Facebook have sparked mixed reactions among Facebook users.

The men which were killed are fathers, husbands, brothers, and someone's child. May their gentle souls rest in peace, and we hope the authorities take proper actions to hunt down the alleged murderers and bring them to justice.

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