"Elozonam does not forgive" - Diane speaks at big brother reunion.


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At the reunion this night, quite a lot was unfolded, though we are still in the dark about some other things as regards Diane and Elozonam.

Ebuka asked Diane about her relationship with Elozonam. Diane said Elo has an unforgiving spirit and he doesn't really stand by her as much as Ike stands by mercy.

Elo responded by saying that he is sure Mercy supports Ike just the way Ike supports Mercy. That Diane has a hierarchy before him(Elo). That in her hierarchy there is Mercy, Ike, Tuoyo, Sir Dee and then 'one other guy outside'. When Ebuka asked about the guy, Diane said that the one outside is not part of the show, so there is no need to talk about him.

Elo said something happened outside the house, but Diane interrupted by saying that Elo should not talk about it. Ebuka further said, "if we don't talk about it, you know we can't get to the end of this matter?".

Omasola, insisted that they both open up, Elo also wants to speak, but Dianne refuses. She gets angry and walks out of the room.

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