The core driver to a great lifestyle that you dream of..... Find out instantly.

We all need a successful life or have a lifestyle we always dream of.To attain that kind of lifestyle, we need to have reasons WHY we want to achieve.To achieve great results we require great commitment. Focused commitment helps to grind and take action through a process, which builds habit that certainly result to a lifestyle. Commitment doesn't come from willpower or motivation but from a strong and solid meaning and purpose. You want success then your have got to have reasons as to why you want that success so badly and those reasons comes from your meaning and purpose.

"There is one quality which one must possess to win and that is definiteness of purpose, the burning of what one wants and a burning desire to possess it". - Napoleon Hill ~Writer.

Meaning and purpose is the core reasons WHY you act and continue to act, even through hardship,criticism, failure, and seemingly impossible odds.Meaning and purpose is the fuel that powers your soul, torpedoing you forward while others crawl back to bed.Your meaning and purpose is the catalyst to act, persist, and win.

The road to a success is full of ups and down and without strong WHYs efforts sink in the first storm. On the road you will face a desert of desertion which can be failure after failure, rejection or even criticism. Now with all this desert of desertion quitting becomes so easy, in this desert you don't need willpower but a camel which is a firm meaning and purpose.Meaning and purpose overcomes pain and ridicule.Meaning and purpose is how bad do you want it? How much are you willing to give up for it? For example, you want the Muscle and Fitness cover body which is the purpose and it's the core driver what will help you overcome the pain of working out daily.Whatever your WHYs are, they must be strong enough to incite action, without sufficient WHYs, you’re no better than everyone. To be someone,you can’t be driven like everyone.

You need to core the purpose into your identity to survive.The purpose should be part of you that you should carry it everywhere cos it's the one that drives you.Don't confuse a WHY with a desire. Desire is often swallow and short lived while a WHY is firm and transcendent through time.