Opinion: Two Reasons why Emmanuel may Probably dump Emmarose ship after the show ends

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The Big Brother Naija Reality show will be ending on Sunday evening, and after the show, the housemates will face the real world. In the course of the game, we have seen how housemates clicked with each other, how some made friends, and how some friendships turned into ships (romance).

One of the relationships that have lasted in the house is Emmarose, and now that the show is getting to an end, I feel that this relationship will not continue after the show. Though their fans, Emmarose shippers, will be hoping that the relationship should continue, but Emmanuel will be the one that'll probably end it. Here are two reasons why I believe that Emmanuel would dump Liquorose after the show ends.

Firstly, Emmanuel used Liquorose as a strategy to keep himself to the final. Emmanuel is a wise guy, he came with a strategy of shipping with a strong female that will increase his chances of making it to the final, and no other person could have given him what he wanted except Liquorose.

Somehow he knew Liquorose has a large fan base, and getting attach to her means her fans will equally root for him. When the show finally ends, his mission will be complete and he will no longer have time for Liquorose. He will abandon her because he might have gotten what he needed.

Secondly, Emmanuel will not want any lady to tie him down. Some of the housemates like Angel and Maria had said that Emmanuel is a flirt and I agree with them. If you have watched him closely during their stay in the house, you will see how he has been acting around the other ladies.

Liquorose is someone that will not her man to share her attention with another person, and Emmanuel is not the kind of guy that she wants. He likes to be free, and he will not want to be tied down. When he finishes the game, he will not have time for her like the way he had for her when they were in the house, and eventually, their relationship will end.

Liquorose may like to explore things with Emmanuel after the house, but Emmanuel may not have time for her. Do you think their relationship will continue or not?

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