Another top manager quits as fake qualifications scandal sucks in more

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Another manager at the Cederberg municipality has thrown in the towel after it was discovered that he had submitted three fraudulent qualifications on his CV.

This comes a month after a Project Management Unit Manager at the municipality voluntarily resigned. The municipality said he had admitted that he falsified a Bachelor of Technology in Construction Management qualification from Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Municipal Manager Dawie Adonis said both cases had been reported to the police.

He said the manager, who works at the office of the municipal manager, had submitted a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts Honours qualifications. However, universities confirmed that the qualifications “did not exist”.

“A second manager has been identified to have submitted fraudulent qualifications. This manager also resigned from his position.

“Subsequently, criminal cases have been opened against both managers.

“All monies paid to them for the duration of their employment will be recovered and no further payments will be made. The municipality will submit an application to attach their provident fund or pension fund,” he said.

Research Fellow and Facilitator of Public Administration and Management at the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences at the University of the Free State, Dr Harlan Cloete, said: “It's actually sad that people lie about qualifications. It also shows that there should be a vetting process when appointing people and proper investigation into their qualifications.”

Source: Cape Times Tue, 24 May 2022

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