" My Husband Behaves Like One, I Am The One Who Provides For The Family" A Woman Confess Live On Air

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Marriage is , i would say is Difficult, and someone somewhere will strongly disagree with me. This is not the case with everyone. Everyone has had their taste about marriage, to some it was great, to some it was bitter sweet. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

The case for Karen, is bitter sweet. She has been married to this guy for more years than she can count but she cant remember that one day her husband came home and became the man of the house.

She describes her husband to be one of the people with the most tender hearts. He get angry very fast and even prefers to be employed in other people's homes to work for them.

He has been going round from home to home, because if as his employer you piss him off just abit, he walks away.

The woman brought the issue up complaining of how her husband has turned out to he. All he wants is to go out to other people's homes and be employed as a house boy. Mind you the guy is married with kids.

The woman being the provider of that home, wants a different life. She said she is happy to take care of the Husband and feed him under the condition that he doesn't get employed in another home again. She claims that it would be better if he didi that house work he does at other people's homes at his place.

The Husband agreed to the terms claiming that they will live amicably and that he loves the wife alot.

My question is, is it right fir a man to be employed to do domestic work? Would you advise this man to go out and do that what he loves or to stick around with the wife who has promised to provide for him always?

Men where do you stand on the matter?


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