Fela Shoots Madhiba Outside Zora's House, Thursday On Zora Citizen Television


Zora is citizen Television best soap that airs from Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm and repeats on weekends at 4:30 pm. If one misses an episode he will catch up on viusasa. Most of his followers are youths.

In today's article I am going to tell you how Zora will be on wednesday. Zora will be sitting outside his house when simba will come and ask him if Fela has come again to stress him but he will tell him he is thinking about what Nana told him. Simba will leave to play football and Madhiba will come in. Zora will be so happy to see him. Zora will tell him to come in and madhiba will enter the house.

Madhiba will tell him he is surprised about Alma's death. He died when he was drinking while driving. Madhiba will tell Zora he is going to a meeting and he was just checking on zora.

When he will get out he will find Fela with a gun. Madhiba will tell him not to shoot but Fela will tell him he is the problem and zora doesnt love him anymore. Fela will shoot him and leave him lying down. Zora will call an ambulance and Madhiba will be taken to hospital.

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