Scientists discover Malaria vaccine 141 years after discovering the cause of Malaria.

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Malaria is a parasitic protozoal disease that is caused by microorganisms called Plasmodium and is transmitted by species of female anopheles mosquitoes from one person to another or animal to human.

The cause of Malaria, plasmodium, was first discovered in the year 1880. And ever since then humanity has been faced with the problem of discovering a vaccine to prevent and completely eradicate Malaria but this has been proving abortive because of the complex nature of the Life cycle and developments of Plasmodium in both human and the vector known as Mosquito.

The world is rejoicing indeed as a major victory has been witnessed by humans against Malaria; a vaccine with about 77% effectiveness against Malaria has been discovered. Great news! It is.

A line from the BBC.COM reads "A malaria vaccine has proved to be 77% effective in early trials and could be a major breakthrough against the disease, says the University of Oxford team behind it".

Although, other vaccines have been previously developed against Malaria but were not able to meet the minimum of 70% effectiveness being the standard set by the World Health Organisation. But this particular vaccine developed by the University of Oxford has proven to have about 77% effectiveness against Malaria parasites.

Indeed this is a victory to humanity as one of the World's most deadly disease which claims about 400,000 lives each year with its major impact on the Sub saharan Africa, is about to be the eradicated with the emergence of this vaccine.

Would you take the vaccine when it's available?

What impacts do you think the vaccine would have on the economy of Nigeria?

What are your thoughts as to this new development?

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