Twitter Suspends The Account of #FixTheCountry Initiator KalyJay


Microblogging website Twitter has suspended the account of Joshua Boye- Doe (KalyJay). The social media influencer tried accessing his account only to be told it has been suspended. It is unclear what reason Twitter gave for the suspension of his handle. 

KalyJay, it will be recalled, was the initiator of the popular hashtag, “Fix The Country” that sort to rally Ghanaians to demand for better governance from the government. The hashtag dominated media discussions for several days, forcing government officials to respond to multiple demands of Ghanaians, particular regarding poor roads, unstable power supply, erratic water supply and jobs.

Before his account was suspended, the Ghana Institute of Journalism graduate had over 350,000 followers. It also appears this is not the first time KalyJay's account has been suspended. He has since launched a new account know as @Kalyjay which so far has some 17,000 followers.

“People don't know I have a new account now. Please I'll be using this account for now till I get my old account back,” he tweeted.