Major1 Recently Released A Propheti Message, This Is What The Lord Says, See Below


You can not let guys like Nimrod Nkosi, Enock Phiri, Bishop Maphonga and Makhado lead you astray.

Last time I checked, Nimrod Nkosi was just a tv presenter for lottery. I don't when did God called him and when was he trained for Ministry.

Enock Phiri led by a bad example. He was found in the club drinking because the wife has left. People like tb Joshua faced some though challenges but they have passed. So who is the real man of God between Phiri and TB Joshua or even Major1.

Joshua Maphonga is just a Sangoma, he wants to quit Ministry to pursue his traditional calling.

Makhado, he might be lying, nobody knows for a fact that, Makhado has left darkness, he might still be working undercover to destroy the true servants of God.


I have got a plan, this is part of it

I will finish what I started

I have got a plan, this is part of it

I will finish what I started

I am not done

I am not done writing your story

No, I am not done

The Lord is not done with you

The Lord is not done with you

Thus says the Lord!

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