Lady Asked A Question After Narrating What Saves A Woman From Being Beaten At ATM Center Yesterday


Ladies who are married have many advantages in the Africa settings than unmarried ladies. One of it is the much respect given to anyone who is married, even if she is younger in age.

An older lady without husband is less respected than a married lady who is young, this is because the latter will be seen to be more serious than the former.

A lady has reveals what happened in her presence yesterday in an ATM Booth, according to her people were shouting at a man who was about beating a lady as they claimed she is a married woman and must not be beaten.

The lady concluded by asking a question that assuming she is not married, is the man free to beat her.

This drama that allegedly played out at the ATM Booth is one of the advantage that married women get in the Africa settings.

Is married compulsory? What about those who are not very lucky to see a man to marry them, how will they be respected in the society?