Nakuru County Concentrates on Youth Employment by Collaborating with DanChurchAid

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Nakuru county government has said the county in collaboration with DanChurchAid (DCA) is set to roll out a one-year renewable textile training program targeting youths with basic textile production and dressmaking skills.They said the mentorship is intended to equip youths with skills in textile production in order to empowervtheir life given that the textile industry has si ce grown to 5.9% since 2020.

The county said the youths will be trained on fabric and apparel production including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE),masks and logo making at the textile hub in Menengai social hall Nakuru East Sub County.

Nakuru county said the program will seek to ensure the youth are skilled, competent and market- ready whether in employment or enterpreneurship.They said DanChurchAid secretary general Ms Birgette Qvist-Sorensen said the partnership will help give the youth a chance in life to be able to support their families by achieving skilled and reliable youths that earns a decent income.

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