Can men use lip balm for those soft and shiny lips?


Dry, chapped and flaky lips on a guy can be very unattractive but with the present; the beauty industry does not only consider cosmetics for only the female gender. Companies like NIVEA have gone ahead and introduced to the market male lib balms that are completely different from the glossy ones used by the females. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a guy having soft and shiny lips. To the men out there are who love having there lips been the center of a girls attraction without trying too hard NIVEA lip balm does the trick for you it gives as little shine as possible .

Well maintaining soft lips can be tricky but all you need are a few ideas to give you a head start to maintain that soft feel. Well here are few tips to get you started.

1.You haven`t had time to take care of your lips and they are chapped first you will need to use a soft brush to get rid of the chapped skin cells.

2.In order to nourish your lips a weekly scrub is a nice idea as it also exfoliates.

3 .Moisturize your lips here your lip balm comes in handy.

4.Do not use saliva to wet your lips.