What happened on Fela's burial

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It has been years since Fela Anikulapo died but the strange happening surrounding his burial is still remembered. Fela was not an ordinary Nigerian, far from it. Fela means, "One who emanates greatness". When he was aged 35, he rejected his European given surname of Ransome and replaced it with Anikulapo, which means "One who has death in his pouch". 

Fela's burial was attended by more than one million people. Fela was called the president of the Fela country. Fela died in 1997 due to complications, which resulted from AIDS. Fela died in a high class hospital.The day he died, dark cloud filled the whole Lagos, crashing thunder sundered the skies while flashes of lighting seared the eyes, but there was no rain. Surely, these were signs that a great man had died! If this could have been counted as coincidence, then the presages on his burial day were incontrovertible world goodbye. Many believed it was Fela's way of bidding thee world goodbye. On the day of his burial, Fela's remains were buried at his Gbemisola Street Ikeja, Lagos residence after a Laying in State ceremony, which took place in the open arena of the Tafawa Balewa Square. To avoid the utter bedlam that would ensue were Fela's remains to be brought to the arena in the daytime; the body was to be moved from the hospital to the venue at 4.a.m. After Remi (now late) the wife of his youth and mother of Femi his first son said her tearful goodbyes, the coffin was closed finally and the funeral cortège departed in a four-car convoy. Less than 400 meters on, the cars ground to a halt as the engines all died, and their headlight lenses shattered simultaneously. Next, a row of food shacks just beside the cars collapsed unto one another. Immediately this happened, all the engines came alive again, and the lights came on. The rest of the journey went without mishap until the cortège reached the venue and the Hearse halted beside the Dais. Suddenly, a long row of about 20 tall potted plants arranged alongside the pedestal toppled over in synchrony although untouched by human hands. "Fela again?" Everyone looked around fearfully. Was he sending signals from beyond the grave? Did Abami Eda, Omo Eleniyan really defy death? Did he really have the power to reach out from beyond the grave? Was he as potent in death as he was in life? Who was this enigma?

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