"Kwani Anakula Nini?" Kenyan's Surprised By The Amount Of Money Vera Sidika Used For A Single Lunch


Vera Sidika is a Kenyan TV star, social media personality, socialite, celebrity and a controversial Kenyan model who acts in strange ways. Vera is said to have began her model at the age of 17 years before she joined Kenyatta University for her Arts and Design's degree. She revealed to be engaging in love to Brown Mauzo, an artist and are now expecting a baby child this year.

Kenyan's have been surprised by the amount of money that Vera Sidika used for a single lunch in Graze Restaurant in Sankara, Nairobi. According to the receipt, the total amount of the lunch was Ksh. 59200 on a one day lunch which she ate on 24th of March.

The amount of money is too big than even the amounts of money Kenyan's have in their bank account's. Kenyans had to react;

@Brian Musyoki, "That is my salary of the whole year and somebody is using it for lunch. Earth is hard."

@Emma Mwangi, " I see she has a debt for Akuku and she is defying to pay."

Many have however been worried why she has not paid the Ksh. 5000 debt belonging to Akuku Danger.

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