"Stop Hating My Little Sister" YY Comedian Opens Up On Kenyan's Who Are Hating Bridgit Biema.

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The famous celebrated comedian YY has come again to the media to plead Kenyan's who are hating his little sister Bridgit Biema who is also an upcoming comedian. During an interview with Mungai Eve, YY shared out his low moments when he see some people are having hatred to his younger sister and he has nothing to offer them.

He went on saying that his little sister has grown up in hands of his mother who has shown her how to be discipline, obedient and mentorship on how to associate with other people. Furthermore, YY begged Kenyan's who are hating his sister to stop and give her support to continue growing to achieve her dreams. YY continued and said that one day his little sister will be one of the biggest brand in this country and people will respect her so much.

We wish Bridgit all the best in her comedy career and my almighty God bless her to achieve her dreams. Below is the YouTube link for the full video.


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