We've Locked Ashanti Region... If NDC Wants To Come Here They Have To Knock On Our Doors - Video

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Before the Ashanti Chairman election, some National Democratic Congress Gurus were fighting against Chairman Wontumi to lose his seat due to some controversies he had with them sometime ago. According to Chairman Wontumi, there is no way he will give NDC a chance to sweep more votes like what happened in the 2020 election. His message scared the party and there were also afraid of what he said.

In new today one of the top presenters at Wontumi Tv station has sent another tough message to NDC. According to Jenny NDC plotted for Chairman Wontumi to be voted out and it didn't happen now they have won. No weapon formed against the one God has blessed shall prosper. Chairman Wontumi is a threat to NDC and they were finding ways and means to eliminate him but they have failed.

She added the coming 2024 is going to be like a war. They will match NDC boot for boot because they will not allow Mahama to use the Ashanti region to enjoy his four years left in power. Again, they have locked the Ashanti region. If NDC wants to come they have to knock on their doors before they will get access.

Watch the full video here.

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