Opinion: EABL Cancellation of Adverts on Homeboyz Radio Had More Than Just The Shaffie Weru And Team

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Before we could go into the matter, first I condemn any violence against women or any gender. We should be careful about how we handle information concerning victims of rape or violence.

Now back to our topic. The move by East Africa Breweries Limited commonly known as EABL to suspend it's adverts with homeboyz Radio, a radio station owned by the Radio Africa Group (RAG) after a part of it's employees who host the morning show were allegedly linked with remarks that glorified sexual violence on air.

This move created a heated debate with even Kenyans going ahead and attacking the said persons and another team standing with the said persons.

This move has much to look into.

Some of the observation are:

1. The cooperate world has a big say to maters concerning well being of the citizens. This will make create some sense of carefulness in media houses.

2. Eabl move also served as a wake up call to communication authority of Kenya. They also went ahead and fined Homeboys 1M.

3. Talking about the truth is not wrong or bad, neither is giving your honest opinion but there is a policy how such topics should be handled.

what's your take on this.

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