Kasoa At It Again As A Man Tried Committing Suicide


Kasoa has been heard pronounce in radio stations and Many channels upon murder cases and crimes.

This is very hot

A very Fine Man trying to commit suicide on interchange.

This guy with his name not known wanted to kill himself upon hunger.

People around the place where the incident happened tried to convince him to come down for food and money but he refused.

As Many were saying he's mad, it wasn't true that he was

He was perfectly dressed and was with his bag oh his back.

It has been very tough times for him he hasn't eaten since the past week.

He decided that to suffer, starve and die will not help but increase his stress

He finally climbed on the interchange to kill himself

Let's help the poor ones om the street to have something to it

Do your best possible to save a soul

We can donate money for the poor in the road and to the orphanage houses

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