I Drank Sobolo After 7 Pm Yesterday And I Was Moved By What Happened


Most African countries are fully aware of the benefits of taking Roselle juice popularly known as Sobolo or Bissap.

Sobolo is a drink made up of variety of Hibiscus and flowers of Roselle plant. It is preferred in most West African countries during occasions and events Such as wedding, video and festivals.

The ingredients of Bissap can vary from one nation to another which other countries calls it Hibiscus tea. It taste amazing and very nutritious.

The ingredients for the particular type which I took last night includes pineapple, ginger, and grain of selim.

On the 7th of April, I was very slum and was not feeling well due to the fact that I couldn't eat anything until 7pm, where a friend visited me holding sobolo, there I tried tasting to see if can drink little of it.

Later I realised I can taste it that evening. After 2 hours from 7, I felt a little strong and then I realised the drink can actually help with my illness.

Aside from the above mentioned symptom, below are other benefits that comes along after drinking Sobolo.

This was what happened to me after I drank Sobolo after 7 pm.

1. Prevents Hypertension

2. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

3. Brings Down Blood Sugar Levels

4. Keeps Your Liver Healthy

5. Treats Menstrual Cramps

6. Treats Depression

7. Aids Digestion

8. Body Coolant

9. Weight Management

10. Anti-Aging

11. Rich In Vitamin C

12. A Drink For All Seasons

13. Have Laxative Effects

14. Chemo-Preventive Effect

15. Is Vermifuge/Antibacterial

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