What Ugunja Residents in Siaya Did to Raila as He Arrived For a Mega Rally -Video

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Azimio la Umoja Presidential candidate, Raila Odinga accompanied by the paucity of leaders allies to him.

Led by Siasa Senator James Orengo, EALA member of Parliament, Oburu Odinga, Suna East Member of Parliament, Junet Mohammed, among other leaders in the ODM Party.

They have this Saturday mourning stormed Ugunja area, Siaya county for a series of rallies popularising their respective quests to locals.

Where they held a mega rally that turned heroic in the Ugunja area, as hundreds of residents turned up in large numbers to grace the event.

Making his grand entrance in Ungunja, Raila's campaign motorcade was blocked by hundreds of residents.

Who continued to chant and shout azimio la Umoja movement-related slogans and Raila's name, demanding him to address them.

Raising Raila Odinga is seen acknowledging the presence of supporters as he rallied them to support his bid.

Note that Siaya county is perceived to be Raila Odinga's.pokiticstrongholdo old. Given the massive support, ort he enjoys from both locals and leaders allied to him. Hence such a heroic reception towards Raila was to be expected.

The azimio leader and his brigade are expected to make more stopovers and rallies today in the region rallying locals to support their quests.

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