Can I Take My ARVs In The Morning?


When it comes to what time you should take your medication, it will depend on the types of ARV drugs.

There are different types with different side effects. For instance, taking efavirenz in the morning could pose some dangers due to their excruciating side effects.

According to reports, they might interfere with your daily routine in one way or another. In short, the best time to have it is in the evening to avoid the adverse side effects.

However, if you are on Lopinavir medication and such, it's okay to have it in the morning since their side effects are not that devastating.

It's important to pester your doctor with various questions about when and what will happen if you don't take the drug at the right time.

Since there are different types of ARVs, they will probably advise you accordingly.

If advised to have the drug at 8am, then remember to observe the time. Don't even think of taking it later after the stipulated time, it's highly risky.